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The HyLine Wealth Blog

Knowledge is Power

Do you have an investment-related question you want me to address?  Email me at brock@hylinewealth.com, and it might be my next blog post.

Backdoor Roth IRA Strategy

The Backdoor Roth IRA Strategy may allow you to accumulate a significant amount of money in a tax-free Roth IRA, regardless of your income. Unless you like paying taxes, that's a good thing.

Embrace Volatility & Make It Your Best Friend

The broad US stock market has recovered from every correction in its history, no matter how big or small the correction. With a little discipline and some planning, you can take advantage of the next stock market correction by increasing your IRA and/or retirement plan (401k, etc) contributions, doing a timely IRA conversion, and/or "buying the dip". You can embrace the volatility and make it your best friend.

Timely IRA Conversions & The 2018 Tax Cuts

The 2018 tax cuts are NOT permanent. An IRA conversion is one way to take advantage of these lower rates. By doing an IRA conversion now, you are choosing to pay the taxes on your IRA based on the current tax brackets, essentially locking in these lower rates. Then, if/when tax rates go back up, it won't matter because the IRA assets you convert will then be in your tax-free Roth IRA account. ​ Timely IRA conversions like this might save you a significant amount on taxes over the life of your IRA(s). Unless you like paying taxes, that's a good thing.

Why HyLine Wealth? Why me?

We bring you ideas. We use strategies and tax-efficient accounts that make a difference. And we make it a priority to keep your total cost of investing relatively low. That's what we do.

Know Your Total Cost of Investing

Know your total cost of investing. According to research done by Morningstar, fund fees predict future success or failure…and the expense ratio is the most proven predictor of future fund returns. In other words, the lower your costs, the better your future returns are likely to be. Make sure your financial advisor is adding value to your financial situation at a fair and reasonable price, and if they're not, find an advisor who does.